MultiPack is a Qatar based fast-growing company with production facilities based in Qatar. We are specialized in designing and producing innovative and efficient returnable packaging solutions (Plastic Carry bags, Plastic boxes, and containers, Paper cups Containers, ) for automotive, agriculture, food, logistics and distribution, chemicals, postal services, and other industries. Our products comply with Qatar Standard norms and regulations.
We help our clients reduce their total logistics cost by promoting and implementing innovative and efficient solutions, thus offering best value industrial packaging.
Last but not least, we are keen on protecting the environment. All our products are fully recyclable and thanks to our raw material production and collection system we bring our contribution to a greener world.


MultiPacks is dedicated to its customer’s interests providing industrial packaging solutions that reduce total logistics costs. We are committed to offering to our customers the best experience in the market segment we serve by offering innovative products and packaging solutions. We are keen on meeting your needs by developing specially adjusted packing solutions for your business. Therefore we can customize any of the existing products according to your packaging needs.
It is essential for us to have a deep understanding about our customer’s supply and distribution chain so that we can identify and implement efficient packing systems